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Hosting team

Akseli Kjellberg

Akseli Kjellberg
Janika Metsola

Janika Metsola
Nelli Huttunen

Nelli Huttunen
Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen
Harri Klemola

Harri Klemola
Inkeri Kemppinen

Inkeri Kemppinen
Antti Lindman

Antti Lindman

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Parties and sauna evenings

Sitsit parties

Sitsit are academic dinner parties with a 3 course meal, tasteful beverages and good company - all this with endless teekkari songs. There are songs about love, studies, wild adventures and drinks (above all Koskenkorva). If you sing so much that the food gets cold, it's a sign of a good sitsit!

The singing and other activities are lead by the Master(s) of Ceremony, and the Hosting Team (in Finnish Isännistö & Emännistö, IE) is running around in the kitchen preparing the food and drinks. Usually around midnight the sitsit turns into an afterparty.

The Guild of Mechanical Engineers organizes a whole bunch of different sitsit parties throughout the year, and certain parties have become classics, for instance KIKkujoulut before Christmas and Lakkisitsit in May. Often sitsit parties are held together with other student associations or have creative themes.

Since we're talking about dinner parties, good manners and etiquette are valued. It's nothing too complicated, but there are some things to keep in mind. Most importantly, during songs and speeches it is polite to put down the cutlery and pause the conversation. Don't let this get you down though, parties are above all about enjoying yourself!

The dress code can be very curious if there's some theme to the sitsit, but if nothing else is mentioned, suit up! If you don't have a suit, just wear the smartest casual you have. Information about signing up is available here!

Sauna evenings

The guild organizes a variety of different sauna parties which may or may not have a special theme. The dress code is free, but dressing according to the theme is always fun. These are usually just regular parties but with a possibility to go to the sauna simply because most party locations in Otaniemi have one.

So whatever the theme of the night, bring your towel and come enjoy the good company, fun program and hot sauna.

Annual parties and sillis

The guilds tend to celebrate their age by having annual parties (vuosijuhlat); the Guild of Mechanical Engineers does this every spring at Cuba Night. Annual parties are stylish white-tie events with tail coats and evening dresses, and the party itself is like a high class sitsit. There are speeches, festive shows and at the end ballroom dancing with a live band.

The event is followed by a less formal after party, which is eventually followed by an even more informal morning party, sillis. Silliaamiainen means herring breakfast, and originated from people wanting to have something salty in the morning. Nowadays these are fun and surprising with absolutely no dress code – some people never got changed after the formal party the night before, some are in PJ’s and the rest are wearing whatever funny they could put together. There is a wide range of sweet and salty food, sparkling wine for sale and above all – good company.

Even if annual parties are held mainly in Finnish, they are worth experiencing at least once.