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KVTMK Night Shift

Alkaake 17.04.2019 klo 17:00
Loppuuto 18.04.2019 klo 02:00

Are you ready to wake up your inner Wappu spirit? Are you excited about the upcoming celebrations? Join the adventure and get ready for Wappu!!!

Do you know when Wappu was held for the first time? Have heard the story about when Wappu was cancelled? Familiarize with the important landmarks and traditions of teekkari Wappu!

KvTMK18 ( aka the International Committee) presents: NIGHT SHIFT! This mysterious event is organized on the 17th of April. The event starts and ends in Otaniemi. You will need overalls (prepare to be outside), a bus card and a lot of teekkari spirit! Also taking a towel is suggested. There will be a possibility for an accommodation if needed in Otaniemi.

It will be possible to complete the signing test during the event for the teekkari cap (international students) - this is the last chance!

The sign up is open at lomake.ayy.fi! You will sign up individually but you may also make wishes for your company on the adventure. Groups for the event will be formed after the sign up is closed.

WHAT: KvTMK Night Shift
WHEN: 17th of April at 5 pm
WHY: Wappu and international love
WHO: To all international and international minded students who have started Aalto studies in 2018 fall or 2019 spring.

Event in Facebook.

More information:
Karri Pönni
Senior Master’s Coordinator
+358 5037 25538