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ENG Song test Sitsit

Alkaati 26.03.2019 klo 18:00
Loppuuke 27.03.2019 klo 02:00
PaikkaOtakaari 20

Do you have what it takes to become a true Teekkari? Can’t remember the lyrics from your favourite teekkari song? Did Wappu catch your tongue?? Put on your overalls, find your funniest Wappu hat and come to ENG Song Test Sitsit to show us your highly trained skills of teekkari song culture.

There will also be a possibility to complete the required song test point for your point card!

Evening starts with the song test at OK20 Upstairs at 18:00. Sitsit will start at 19:00 with a clang of the gong!

Song test consists of written and oral part. In written part you must know the whole ‘Teekkarihymni’ by heart, word by word. For additional points you can fill the missing words of ‘Ikuisen teekkarin laulu’ and know the common traditions and practices related to these two famous songs and sitsi culture.

In oral part you will lead one of your favourite sitsi songs (alone or in pairs) during the sitsit. You don’t need to stress about your singing skills as Teekkari traditionally sings rather than well :) Note: Reeaaaaallly short songs like ‘Nyt’ won’t be accepted for this part of the song test!

You can rehearse with your song book or check songs from laulu.wiki.

Teekkarihymni - lyrics, example

Ikuisen teekkarin laulu - lyrics, example

Price of the sitsit is 10 € and it is paid at the door before the sitsit. Link to sign up will be posted here later.

If you would like to complete the song test, but you can’t make it to this test, please contact your international captain for other arrangements.

What: Sitsit, song test & Wappu
When: 26.3.2018, song test starting at 18:00, sitsit starting at 19:00
Where: Otakaari 20 Upstairs
DC: Overalls/casual and Wappu!
Price: 10 € for the sitsit
Why: Teekkari sings rather than well!
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More information:
Karri Pönni
Senior Master’s Coordinator
+358 5037 25538

Viktor Törhönen
Master's Captain
+358 4497 64609