Koneinsinöörikilta Otaniemi

What do we do?

Here are some examples of what the Guild of Mechanical Engineers organizes for its members:

  • Sitsit parties with other guilds and student associations
  • Diverse parties and sauna evenings
  • Industrial excursions and company presentation evenings
  • Ice hockey turns
  • Cultural events and movie nights
  • KoLehti
  • Sports teams for student games
  • Cuba Night
  • The Norway project

Event feed

You can add an automatic feed from the guild's calendar to your own Google Calendar by clicking the button below:

The event feed is available in iCalendar format below from which it can be imported to most calendar software:
You get automatic updates by adding the address above directly to your calendar software.

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KIK offers and organizes diverse activities to make sure people enjoy themselves. Our goal is to be a sporty and hands-on guild, without forgetting to have fun. We aim at continuously developing what we do and creating new activities in all the sectors.

We have regularly cultural and sports events, industrial visits and evenings, not to mention all kinds of parties and sauna evenings. More than anything we want to encourage our members to join these activities!

Don't hesitate to contact us!


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21.04.2021Tapahtuma X - Zoom
*This event will be held in Finnish* Kevään edetessä, lumen sulaessa, auringon paistaessa, tenttien vähentyessä ja kesän lähestyessä alkaa Wapun...
24.04.2021Event X - Otaniemi and Online
The culmination of your fuksi year, the mysterious Event X is organized on Saturday 24.4.! ✨ The event starts with outdoor activities that can be...
24.04.2021Wappusitsit - Zoom
*This event will be held in Finnish* Wappu on jo tuota pikaa, ja kiltalaisten johdattamiseksi asiaankuuluvaan tunnelmaan IE järjestää...
30.04.2021Wappu eve breakfast - Jämeräntaival 3 A ground floor balcony
Get your Wappu eve started right with warm waffles! A take-away waffle buffet is set up on the Wappu eve at Jämeräntaival 3 A ground floor balcony!...