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Instuctions on coronavirus

The Board of the Guild of mechanical engineers has made the following instructions for attending and organizing events, to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

  • You cannot attend if you feel even a little bit ill. Registration for the events is binding in principle but if you get ill, notify the one in charge of the event to cancel your registration. The price of the event will be paid back in case of illness.
  • You are not allowed to attend our guild's events if you've arrived from abroad less than 14 days ago.
  • If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days after an event, give the contact information of the one in charge of the event to the person tracking infection chains. The one in charge of the event gives the contact information of all participants to officials, so that everyone is informed of the possible exposure.
  • Remember good hygiene in events: wash and disinfect your hands, keep a distance, avoid unnecessary queuing, don’t drink from shared bottles or beer pong cups.
  • There will be a registration for all events. It is not allowed to attend without registration.
  • Everyone organizing the events of our guild is obligated to note in the description of the event if there is one or more of the following factors increasing transmission risks:
    • The event is indoors, or the event is outdoors but safety distances are not constantly guaranteed
    • The chance of washing or disinfecting hands is not sufficient
    • There is singing/drinking games/other activities increasing the risk of droplet
    • The food/drinks is not made by professionals

Everyone attending the events agrees to follow these instructions. The organizer of the event has the right to remove anyone who doesn’t follow these instructions. The instructions are valid until further notice.