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Freshmen Captains

Anna Öörni
Freshmen Captain

Anna Öörni
Lumikki Poutanen
Freshmen Captain

Lumikki Poutanen
Varpu Soini
Masters Captain

Varpu Soini

Upcoming freshmen events

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Things To Do

Before you arrive:


  • Reply to your tutors and keep in touch with them before your arrival!
  • Pack enough warm clothes with you, as well as a better suit or dress for more formal events
  • For more information, Click here!

Get a roof over your head! HOAS, Foundation for Studen Housing in the Helsinki Region and AYY, Aalto University Student Union will provide you an apartment for a fair price! You can also try to find an apartment from a private sector. Just remember to make the notice of moving!

Student Card
Members of AYY may apply for student card, which gives you any discounts and other benefits. The price range for this card is 15 – 30 €, depending if you select an international or domestic card. Make sure to order it early, because there might be a queue for the card. For more informations and applying the card, visit Frank.

In the beginning of the autumn term:

Orientation week
The place to be for students to get to know each other. Don’t worry, your tutors will guide you through the first week! The lessons haven’t started yet, so this is a great time to get used to get Campus life in Otaniemi. Your tutors will help you enrol as an attending student and pay the AYY membership fee, get a telephone subscription or a pre­paid card and show you how to navigate around the Campus area. You can find the schedule of the Orientation week in the Guild Guide’s back cover. Get the most out of this week!

Find the best route between home and school. Public transportation in Finland is easy to use and you should be able to travel anywhere in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen) by bus, train, underground or tram. Read more about the Helsinki region transport, HSL to plan your journey. You can also find the campus bus stops and underground station in the Guild Guide 2016 Campus Map. Your tutors will help you for applying the student discount card in the first week.

FSHS, Finnish Student Health Service is an organisation that provides students general, mental and oral health care services. There is an FSHS service unit in Otaniemi and a larger unit in Helsinki, Töölö. The prices for these services are student friendly and some basic treatments are even free of charge! You always need to make an appointment, which you can make by phone or visiting one of the Units.

There are many restaurants in Otaniemi in which you can get lunch ate a student friendly price. To see the menu of the week in all restaurants, Click here!