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Leeni Nieminen
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Leeni Nieminen
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Master's Tutor’s Coordinator

Karri Pönni
Senior Tutor Coordinator

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Tutors (ISOt) are the first example of the Teekkari life for the freshmen. During the studies, freshmen might have a lot of questions which the tutors have also pondered before. The tutor’s introduce freshmen to the university life and the “Teekkari culture”. Being a tutor, you can help make the freshmen year a unique one and get new connections with other students. You can also live your freshmen year again and attend events such as Fuksisitsit (freshmen sitsit) and orientation week! AYY (Aalto University Student Union) and the guilds’ also organizes their own events, where tutors have a great chance to meet other tutors from different guilds. Tutors also have trainings during the spring, held by the AYY. These trainings will help tutors throughout the year!

International tutors
International tutors (KV­ISOt) look after the exchange students the same way tutors look after their freshmen. Being an international tutor, you get to know other cultures around the world and keep up with your language skills. But the best part is getting to know new and interesting people. The International tutors keep in touch with the exchange students before they arrive to Finland and guide them through the first weeks. They also show the Finnish culture and “Teekkari life”. International tutors also have trainings, held by ITMK and AYY. They also can attend the same events, that the tutors do. In addition, international tutors have their own events, organized by ENG’s international sector.

Master tutors
As you can already see from the name, master tutors look after for the new master students. The students are degree students from abroad and Finnish master students. This means as a master tutor you have a great opportunity to get new connections from abroad and in Otaniemi. You don’t need to be a master degree student to be a master tutor: the interest and activity towards the master's students is enough!

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