Koneinsinöörikilta Otaniemi

Freshmen Captains

Riku Päivärinta
Freshmen Captain

Riku Päivärinta
Janni Kerkkänen
Freshmen Captain

Janni Kerkkänen
Emma Maliniemi
Masters Captain

Emma Maliniemi

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Freshman points

The idea with the freshman points is to get to know the “Teekkari” (Teekkari means student of technology) culture. Gathering points should be (and is!) fun!

If you, freshman, want to put the cap on your head at possible Wappu 2023, you have to show that you are worth the cap and show the “Teekkari spirit”. This means you have to complete the needed freshman points. You will gather the points in your personal Freshman Point Card, which you will get on the first week. You can earn these points from almost any event in Otaniemi or while learning about the Finnish culture, such as going to a sauna or watch an ice hockey match. If you dont fulfill these requirements, you can still get the cap around Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May).

You can get the freshman points from the Master’s Captain of the Guild of Mechanical Engineers, the Guild of Civil Engineers or the Guild of Surveying Engineers. You can also get the points from a guild board member.

The compulsory freshmen points are:

  • Become a member of your guild
  • Polytechic museum
  • Song test
  • Studies (10 ECTs)
  • Work point


Overalls are a symbol of students in different Universities and other schools in Finland. By the colour and text in the overalls, you can identify people from different schools and fields of study. The colour of the overalls of the Guild of Mechanical Engineers is pink and students get these overalls on the second day of Orientation week! The colour is unique and students of the guild are proud of wearing the overalls.

The best feature in the overalls are that they protect your clothes of getting dirty. They also are very comfortable to wear! You can buy your overalls from the Guild Room or in the orientation week.