Koneinsinöörikilta Otaniemi

Freshmen Captains

Riku Päivärinta
Freshmen Captain

Riku Päivärinta
Janni Kerkkänen
Freshmen Captain

Janni Kerkkänen
Emma Maliniemi
Masters Captain

Emma Maliniemi

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Huge congratulations on your degree place and welcome to Finland's biggest and the most beautiful guild, Koneinsinöörikilta (or KIK, Guild of Mechanical Engineers)! Apparently, you have been accepted to study Mechanical engineering or Building Technology in Aalto University's School of Engineering, or more familiarly known as ENG. These webpages are made just for you and contain important information about your freshman year.

I am Emma, your very own Master’s Captain. My job is to make sure that your freshman year is going to be unforgettable and that you get the teekkari cap on your head in the possibly upcoming Wappu in 2023. I am also your direct contact to the guild, university and student union, which means that you can ask me anything anytime! I am here for you! We will also arrange some events together with our guild�s Bachelor Freshmen Captains, Riku and Janni.